Non-Surgical Hair Solutions

If you're suffering from hair loss, hairpieces are great non-surgical solutions that allow you to still look and feel like your old self. We offer a wide range of wigs and hairpieces to fit your personal style and budget. Because your head size, face shape, complexion and hair color are important factors when it comes to choosing your new wig, our professional consultants are waiting to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Human Hair

For those who have suffered permanent hair loss, real human replacement are a great investment. Not only do they look and feel natural, but these hairpieces also have a longer lifespan than synthetic wigs. They can also be styled as you would normally style your hair and often retain the style for a much longer period of time. They can be custom colored and require the same amount of care as your real hair would.
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Synthetic Hairpieces

These also have a realistic look and feel that may even fool stylists. They are made with a specific style in mind and often only require a custom trim before they can be worn for the first time. Because synthetic hairpieces are not made from real hair, they often come in a wider range of colors that may range from natural to fantasy. They may be a great option for those who enjoy drastically changing up their look.